The Unbearable Talent of Others

Hey there.

I did this earlier. It’s inspired by this guy. Karl sent me the same link yesterday.

Do you ever get the feeling, upon seeing something for the first time, that it’s the thing you should have been doing with your life? You feel almost paralysed with envy. And no small amount of grief. That’s what I felt when I looked at those drawings. Drawn on Post-It notes, apparently. I think they’d have to be the big Post-It notes, rather than the tiny ones. Unless the artist has electron microscopes for eyes.

Hope all’s well where you are.

3 Responses to “The Unbearable Talent of Others”

  1. Anonymouse Says:

    There’s always something incredibly sexy about your villainous ladies – curvy, big lips, big tits. I like that. And I love the cocoon babies.

  2. Charles Says:

    Link was amazing

  3. notkeith Says:

    He reminds me of Mike Wilks, who’s one of my biggest influences of all time.

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