New Painting

I think it’s finished anyway.

Had a bit of a crisis with her in the early stages, but I’m rather fond of her now. Not sure if she’s better than the last one or not; though maybe you should be the judge of that. Whatever. There’s something about the way she looks at me I really like. Click to embiggen as per.

Thanks, as ever, for dropping by. SOLD

10 Responses to “New Painting”

  1. Anonymouse Says:

    I being a moron tonight. I posted a comment about your new painting, but I think it’s gone somewhere else on your blog.

  2. CET Says:

    i love it! i think it’s better than the first. i love her eyes and bemused expression. the blue-grey background is just right. kudos NK!

  3. antipodeesse Says:

    I love her expression and quirky smile!

  4. Neil Lockwood Says:

    Excellent work as per usual, sir! – I like the wry smile, she looks like a game girl :o)

  5. Sophia Says:

    I am in love with the tilt of her mouth.

  6. Aiko Says:

    I like it. I like it alot. Lovely.

  7. Rose Says:

    I like this one much better! She seems to be judging me less.
    A more cheerful background and a cheerful expression; is there something pleasant going on?

  8. notkeith Says:

    Anonymouse: Other comment duly noted, thank you. I’m still a bit torn between the two, truth be told. The second looks a little better in the flesh, I think. I’ll probably get them framed next week, then I’ll decide.

    CET: Thanks. I agonised over the background colour. I was aiming for something a little greyer. In my next painting, I’m advancing into the exciting new world of actually having some stuff in the background. TRUFAX.

    antipodeesse: Glad you like it. The expression’s a weird thing. It doesn’t look much like the one in the reference pic I used; it just sort of grows as you go along.

    Neil: Thanks. I think she sort of looks like she’s just been asked something that’s a bit rude and her initial incredulity is giving way to “Maybe”.

    Sophia: Thanks. I’m quite fond of her hair; not necessarily the way I’ve painted it but the style itself.

    Aiko: Glad you like it. I say, your twitter avatar’s quite foxy.

    Rose: The first one was a bit judgmental. She’s on my wall looking down at me as I type this. She looks somewhat disapproving.

  9. Stan Says:

    She looks like she’s on drugs. She so wants me. She can have me too. The minx.

  10. deborah Says:

    Its amazing. She’s beautiful. If you decide it needs a new home, let me know.

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