Lady Painting

I did a painting. I’m quite pleased with it; if only because it’s a bit better than the last one I did, so the notion that I might one day feel as comfortable with paint as I do with a pencil or pen doesn’t feel unattainable any more.

I hope you like it.

18 Responses to “Lady Painting”

  1. Valerie in San Diego Says:

    Your skills are growing by leaps and bounds! Love the luminosity of this one, and her expression.

  2. Penelope Says:

    And I would kill for her collar bones!

  3. CJ Says:

    I like, please don’t kiss me. It’s good to have seen some of the stages in the production.

  4. notkeith Says:

    Valerie: KISS

    Penelope: KISS

    CJ: KISS (despite your protestations)

    Thank you. Chuffed you like it. Quite properly chuffed.

  5. Sophia Says:

    Utterly amazing. I love her expression and the arched eyebrow. Love it love it love it.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    It’s beautiful Keith. I love that you showed us the various stages of her making. I remember one, in particular, that had much more brown in it – very early on, before she had eyes. I realise now it was for depth. Is that right? Her eyes are beautiful – a beautiful colour. You’ve made her features quite bold and dramatic – her eyes, nose and delicious lips, mostly. Kissable lips. Her face jumps out the canvas – but mostly her eyes. I love it. What’s does NK10 stand for? Not Keith 10?

    Are you going to frame the canvas or leave it as is? You haven’t asked, but I think you should leave her as is.

    I like looking at your artwork. You’re very talented – biro, acrylic. Fantastic!


  7. Catofstripes Says:

    For some inexplicable reason it took / takes absolutely bloody ages to download the picture but it’s worth the wait. More please.

  8. Aiko Says:

    Lovely Not Keith, just lovely

  9. antipodeesse Says:

    Serendipity! I’m going to show it to my hairdresser today and ask her to cut my mop into that shape.

  10. notkeith Says:

    Sophia: Thank you very much. I KISS YOU TOO.

    Anonymouse: Thanks. As for the colours early on: I still haven’t much of a clue about painting and am pretty much making it up as I go. I’ve sort of discovered umbers. Shadow on skin seems to be umber, mostly. To my eyes at least. NK10, as you’ve worked out, does stand for NotKeith 2010, and I doubt I’ll get it framed. I think you’re right in that it looks better as it is.

    Catofstripes: Thank you. It probably took a while because I uploaded quite a big photo. If you click on it again in your browser window, it should embiggen and you can see much more detail. I’m beginning to prefer taking a photo to scanning, because a. It’s quicker and easier, and b. It blows the image right up so you can see the tiniest bits of detail. I intend to do more: I’ve purchased some bigger canvasses and brushes for that very purpose.

    LovelyAiko: Why thank you.

    Antipodeesse: Pics pls kthanx. “Serendipity” always brightens any page on which it’s written, I tend to think.

  11. Stan Says:

    Splendid. Like a cross between Natalie Imbruglia and Gina McKee. Yeah?

    Kiss me!

  12. neillockwood Says:

    I would.

  13. The Gongman Says:

    Her right eye is posing the question and her left eye shows she is open for the reply.Great stuff.Thanks to Stan for guiding me here.

  14. Shaun Sewell Says:

    One is drawn to the juxtraposition of the sultry with the saucy, the essential feminine ambiguity of her gaze – defiant yet inviting.

    She is a Mona Lisa for the modern age.

  15. notkeith Says:

    Stan: Yeah! Mwah!

    Neil: Kiss Stan? You are one dark horse.

    The Gongman: Jiminy. Just been looking at your website. The sounds are reverberating through my MacBook and typing hands. Thank you.

    Shaun “Sewell”: Thank you. I like to see myself as a latter-day Da Vinci. I even draw rubbish helicopters that will never fly. And boff chaps up the pooey.

  16. Wellington Says:

    This is easily the best thing you’ve ever done. It’s so far ahead of everything else, it’s actually on a different planet. I think it’s completely bloody stunning.

    But what’s all this talk about various early stages? I didn’t see any ‘work in progress’. Did I miss something?

    Am I allowed to say that there are a couple of things which don’t look quite right to me? For instance, the vertical lines under her nose and the straight edge of her forehead. I hope you don’t mind me saying that. But I did call it bloody stunning, and we need a bit of balance, eh?

    Anyway, I’m even growing to love the ‘not quite right’ bits as much as I love the rest of it.

    And in any event, it’s her expression which is the real killer. I wonder what was the expression of the woman in the original photograph? I’m assuming you initially copied it from a photograph and then monkeyed around with it, exaggerating her features etc. Or not?

    Were you just being coy when you said you’re “quite pleased” with it? Are you actually completed delighted with it but were just too modest to say so?

    And why such a brief, low key introductory paragraph? If I had created this, I would have introduced it with a book. You need to learn the art of trumpet blowing.

    I’m not sure about the Gina McKee reference though (nobody looks like Gina – that’s what makes her so incredibly beautiful).

    Your best work is ahead of you, that’s for sure.

  17. Duck Says:

    It’s breathtaking NK. I love it.

    DEFINITELY do more. I showed the Little Ducks the video of the creepy hand progress, and they were mesmerised as was I.

  18. notkeith Says:

    Bollocks. Just wrote a long reply and Firefox ate it. The big bastard.

    Wellington: Thank you very much for your very kind words. I kind of agree with your criticisms, too. I was going to do a highlight on her chin, but I’d got to the stage where the changes I was making were detracting from the overall effect, so I just stopped. Her forehead and philtrum suffered a similar fate.

    You’re right about the construction: the bone structure and colouring came from a photo, and the expression was just a happy accident.

    The work in progress pics were posted on my twitter account. @lovelynotkeith if you fancy a follow.

    I suppose I am being a bit coy, whilst simultaneously not being all that coy. For me – and, I suspect, anyone who’s harboured artistic pretensions – painting is the holy grail. I’ve never been able to do it. I was ridiculously pleased with my first effort with acrylics, even though it’s child-like and clumsy and the reaction to it was polite rather than effusive. This one feels like a miracle. I feel like I could make a living from painting and, one day, even exhibit my stuff in a gallery. All the while knowing, with absolute certainty, that the next painting I do will be a piece of shit.

    Thanks again.

    Duck: Thank you, thank you, thank you. And my thanks to the Little Ducks, too. I love that you love it.

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