Creepy Man With Creepy Hand 2

Apologies for the long absence. The main reason is that the pic below took ages, and I’ve had a pile of work to do for the wonderful Grasslimb.

One of the reasons the pic took ages was because I filmed myself drawing it. I wanted to post the film on here, but I’ve just been reacquainted with the reason why WordPress is a large, suppurating shitsack: the uploading video option costs sixty dollars a year, despite the fact that the film fits well within my allocated free online storage. Bastards. Anyway, I’m YouTubing it.

As ever, I very much hope you like it. Thanks for dropping by.

A3. Bic biro on Bristol board. PRICE: 110 GBP

Clicking on the image will embiggen and show the detail a little better.

Here’s the film. Uploaded over a hundred megabytes to YouTube and it still looks like it was filmed on a mobile phone circa 2002. So it goes. YouTube reckons the file’s still processing and the quality might improve. Unfortunately, it won’t be able to improve my cack-handed camcorder skills, so please accept my apologies for the changes in aspect ratio and various other shit that happens.

19 Responses to “Creepy Man With Creepy Hand 2”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve just shown it to my son; we watched the clip together. He said – and I quote: “oh… WICKED!” I love creepy’s mouth.

  2. Penelope Says:

    Very creepy and seriously fantastic picture but the film was even more brilliant! Please do these again – there is something quite marvelous about seeing the work in progress, literally!

  3. Catofstripes Says:

    Bravo, more, more

    Did you do this with biro? It looks like you did but then at one point I thought I saw you use a rubber (in a manner of speaking).

    Excellent anyway, and the film was fun too.

  4. Stan Says:

    Rubbish! All rubbish! I’ve seen better drawings by David Blunkett!

    You see? You see what you get when you fight a stranger in the Alps?

    No, I’m just joshing.

    Very good. Nay, excellent. Extremely odd. It kind of scares the shit out of me though, and I can’t get a handle on it. It freaks me out. Take it down! Take it down! How much do you want for it? I’m going to buy it from you and destroy it, just as soon as I get paid.

  5. notkeith Says:

    Anonymouse: I KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Glad your son liked it.

    Penelope: Thank you. I rather enjoyed the process, I must say, though filming it does make things a little cumbersome. Nearly ran out of hard drive with all the footage I took. I might do a real-time version. Arf.

    Catofstripes: Thank you. Yes, all biro. The rubber was just to rub out the pencil outline.

    Stan: I forgive your bile, knowing as I do that it comes from a dearth of iPhone. And you have to buy it because you’ve got Creepy Man With Creepy Hand One on your wall. I’m going to do a triptych to keep you paying.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    As you’re whoring yourself about tonight, I had to have another look. Still quite amazing you did that in biro. How many did you get through? He is quite sinister-looking, but in a delicious kinda way. He’s beautiful, actually.

    You most certainly do not know who I am!

  7. notkeith Says:

    Anonymous: Thank you. I am now IN AGONY. Sleep is a stranger and my appetite for anything other than your identity is nought.

  8. notkeith Says:

    Oh, and biro count: just the one.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I prefer anonymouse. I’m gonna use it from now on

  10. neillockwood Says:

    Good work, sir!
    Can I ask, when drawing did you leave the hand ’til last as you considered it to be the hardest or most enjoyable bit… Or is that just the way it happened?

  11. notkeith Says:

    Anonymouse: Grrr. *Shakes fist*

    Neil: I decided early on I was going to do the hand in blue biro, which I thought would look more x-ray-like and contrast with everything else. However, I had doubts throughout, so I left it to the end before I took the plunge. Hopefully it worked out okay.

  12. Selena Says:

    Reminds me of the creepy old man from poltergeist… is that wrong?

  13. Selena Says:

    Except younger… So, I guess what I am trying to say is, I am completely creeped out by him. Excellent Work!

  14. notkeith Says:

    Selena, Selena, Selena, so good I named you thrice: glad you’re creeped out. Is that wrong?

  15. CET Says:

    wow. so amazing that it’s in biro! brilliant.

    silly as this may sound, but why can’t you call it “pen” instead of “biro”? is it a north american/european thing, along the lines of washroom/loo?

  16. nursemyra Says:

    that is so cool – and the end result doesn’t look like biro at all. Loved the video!

  17. notkeith Says:

    CET: Thank you. Don’;t know why I call it biro in preference to pen or ballpoint. Maybe because, in this instance, it’s a Bic. Bic Biro. The alliteration sticks in my head, I think.

    Hey, nursemyra. Glad you like it.

  18. BeleagueredSquirrel Says:

    I really love this picture. He’s wonderfully evil, and so full of glee. The mouth in particular, I like. And the eyes.

    For some reason I’m amazed that you draw with a biro. I know eff all about these things, but I suppose if I was asked I would have said it was a pencil. Another sign of how iggerant I am is how impressed I am that you keep a little sheet of paper under your hand – to avoid smudging, I presume.

    I’m just doing some work with an illustrator at the moment so I’m extra intrigued by process and all that shit. Bravo.

  19. BeleagueredSquirrel Says:

    And the hand! You just know that hand’s up to no good, and is probably at least partially responsible for his glee.

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