Bic Biro Photorealism

Been obsessing about this guy of late. The image below is me trying to emulate him. I’ve uploaded quite a big scan. Might be worth a click to look at the detail, if you’ve a mind to. Ta.

A3. Bic biro on Bristol board. PRICE: 110 GBP

20 Responses to “Bic Biro Photorealism”

  1. Misssy M Says:

    Keith, that is excellent.

  2. Rose Says:

    Oh my! That’s beautiful!
    Did you draw this from a picture or a live model?
    And are you taking requests; and for how much?

  3. notkeith Says:

    Misssy: Thank you. I hope to do more like it.

    Rose: Thanks. From a picture, which feels a little like cheating. I do take requests; I’ve done several commissions in the past. Regarding cost, that would depend on the project, but, generally speaking, “Bloody reasonable” would be about right.

  4. Selena Says:


  5. Catofstripes Says:

    It’s good, very good, especially in big. How long did it take?

  6. notkeith Says:

    Selena: Why thank you.

    Catofstripes: Thanks. It took probably about ten hours, roughly. Also, it’s A3 in size. I should put all this sort stuff in the original post, shouldn’t I? It really annoys me when I look at an artist’s stuff online and there’s no information about image size or how long it took or, often enough, what media was used. Buggers.

  7. emma Says:

    Wow, amazing stuff!

  8. antipodeesse Says:

    Makes me want to run out and get a tattoo!

  9. Sister in China Says:

    That’s fabulous

  10. Duck Says:

    Can’t have you having kidney failure. Sister in China is my brother in Shropshire (long story – don’t go there). Don’t dis the Megane – therein lies trouble.

    Picture is beautiful btw

  11. Wellington Says:

    I wish I understood the compulsion of (seemingly) every young woman to have a tattoo on the small of her back.

    I suppose it does enable them to save time when attending social functions. Without the tattoo, they’d have to introduce themselves to every single person they met with the opener, “I’m terribly sorry, but I’m just a little bit thick and have absolutely no imagination”.

    Now, with the tattoo, those words are superfluous.

    That is the whole point of those tattoos, right? I’m right, aren’t I?

    Lovely picture, sir.

  12. notkeith Says:

    emma: Thank you. Hope the book with Misssy outsells Dan Brown. It deserves to. Though, if the pair of you had preserved all your used toilet paper over the past five years and had it bound, it would deserve to outsell Dan Brown.

    antipodeesse: Well don’t, as, by the lights of Wellington, you would be rendered unimaginative and thick.

    Sister in China (Brother in Shropshire): Thank you.

    Duck: Okay, I won’t go to Shropshire and I won’t diss the Megane. I will, however, thank you for calling my picture beautiful. Thank you.

    Oh, Wellington, what are we to do with you? You’re sounding like the exhumed corpse of the first Duke of Wellington. I suppose anyone who chooses any form of physical adornment – be it high heels, jewelry, piercings, whatever – is a bit thick and lacking imagination? Or are they merely doing what human beings have done since they could walk upright and wield a tool creatively?

    Thanks about the pic, though.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    It is a really beautiful sketch. Did you use charcoal? The detail is really impressive. My father is a retired artist and I know how painstaking it is to produce such detailed, vivid artwork.

    I looked at Isometry for a long time. The more you examine it, the more you find to look at. I should have said at the time how much I loved it. However, the cockroach gave me the shivers. I have an unhealthy phobia of cockroaches.

    Another of my faves is granny and grandad. I love granny’s tits. I look forward to that in my old age.

    I once wanted a tattoo. Then, in mid July, in Manhattan, when it was about 103 degrees out, I was sat in an automat diner (Happy Days style), which has since closed, and in walked a granny not unlike the one in your sketch. She had once had a tattoo, which had turned into a big green splat on her arm and collar bone. That was the moment I changed my mind.

    Gorgeous artwork. I think you should also offer a brief description of what they represent. What does Isometry mean, and do you suffer from nightmares?

  14. The exhumed corpse of the first Duke of Wellington Says:

    Whoa – Hang on a cotton-picking minute there, NK. I wasn’t being dismissive of everyone who has a tattoo.

    Mind you, I have always found that people with tattoos tend to be rather dull, but I’d never actually say that on a public forum.

    My concern (oh, alright, it’s not really a concern) is with young women who have a tattoo on the small of their back. What is the meaning of this? I do wish I could understand it, but I doubt I ever will (I really am starting to sound like a reactionary old tosser now, aren’t I?).

    It reminds me of the fashion a few years ago for young women to wear G string knickers with the strings visible above their jeans. If you know what I mean? I could never work out whether they were deliberately pretending to look as though they had learning difficulties, and therefore couldn’t dress themselves properly. Or whether they really did have learning difficulties. Even now, I’m not entirely sure.

    And so it is with these ‘small of the back’ tattoos.

    Anyway, your picture is bloody marvelous. I think I might have that tattooed on the small of my back.

  15. notkeith Says:

    Anonymous: Aarrgh! Damn you! If you’re going to be anonymous, say something nasty. Don’t be nice. Don’t leave long, thoughtful, interesting comments. Do you know what I’m doing? DO YOU KNOW? I’m having a bloody good wonder about who you might be. Happy now?

    I didn’t use charcoal. Isometry was done with a 0.1 and a 0.25 Rotring Isograph. As for what they represent, eep! I’ve never suffered from nightmares. It was partly inspired by Mike Wilks’ work:

    I suppose I’m aiming for a kind of gothic cartoony horror fetishism.

    Exhumed: Call me low-brow (or even monobrowed), but I always quite liked the thong-over-top-of-the-jeans look. I can’t help myself; I like trashy. And so it is with tattoos. I’ve always thought that the small of the back tattoo is an indicator that the tattooed rather likes being taken from behind. Maybe.

  16. Valerie in San Diego Says:

    Cheez, I go off for a month and Things Happen, like you making another marvellous piece of art. That rocks. Looking forward to hiring you for more Grasslimb stuff.

  17. isabelle Says:

    Keith, what’s become of you?

    ( and Wellington, aside from their sartorial affront, thongs are bloody uncomfortable too )

  18. notkeith Says:

    I have Stuff Coming, honest I do. It’s just taking ages because I’m filming it at the same time as I’m drawing it. Hopefully it won’t be shit.

  19. Dave Treadwell (@davetreadwell) Says:


    The detail on this is fantastic! – The Jeans look like a photograph!

    I particularly love the hair – really get a tactile feel coming from it!

  20. admitted market insurance Says:

    I am glad you said that =D


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