12 Responses to “Sketchbook!”

  1. isabelle Says:

    hmmm, a definite predilection for raven black, bob haired women with sharp noses. My favourite is still the crag face/ crag face. I know what you mean about the brain reading device, I would like one which works in words.

  2. Catofstripes Says:

    watched and enjoyed.

  3. Sophia Says:

    That was bloody brilliant! Give yourself a wee bit more credit. I feel the same fear about writing, knowing that I am not doing enough. But I always love that new notebook feeling.

  4. notkeith Says:

    isabelle: ‘Predilection’ always sounds better than ‘fetish’, so thank you. On the brain reading device, it always amazes me how clear an image (or indeed, a piece of writing) can be in one’s mind before floundering hopelessly onto the page.

    Catofstripes: Glad you enjoyed it. You’re definitely becoming the mistress of the terse comment.

    Sophia: Thank you. Just had a look at your blog. Some amazing photography on there. Have added it to favourites. Ever since I went to Scotland, Scotland seems to be everywhere. It’s like I brought it home with me.

  5. grrl Says:

    if I’d say I like your dreadfulness it wouldn’t be so true, as I don’t really ‘like’ your dreadfulnes – I actually love it.

    Still, don’t give yourself any credit, ít’s only the dreadfulness that’s so loveable, not you. I suppose.

  6. notkeith Says:

    grrl: I won’t be giving myself any credit anytime soon if you’re going to leave rather lovely comments like that.

    *Leaves with spring in step*

  7. Stan Says:

    That was great, man. Really good. So much good, surprising stuff in there. One day. One day.

  8. Wellington Says:

    What were those scenes at 5.05 to 5.12? They looked interesting. And untypical of NotKeith. The Jackson picture is great, of course. But you already knew that.

    And what have you done with Selena?

  9. notkeith Says:

    Stan: Yeah, one day. Some aspire to play the Dane. I want to draw fish.

    Wellington: Sketches I drew in Scotland. I might scan them in properly when I get a mo. I’m trying to draw more real things. And thanks about the Jacko pic. Selena’s fine, so long as she puts the lotion in the basket. Or else she’ll get the hose again.

  10. antipodeesse Says:

    Your top sketch of the Elderly Clutching Couple instantly brought to mind the highly entertaining Jarra Monopoly tournament so delightfully recounted by Stan in his book (and the need to regularly erase one’s Internet search history).

  11. antipodeesse Says:

    Oops! I meant to say ‘Jarra Scrabble’ of course. Damn. My brain must have holes in it, whence the correct words fall…

  12. nursemyra Says:

    very very cool

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