Look at my manly hand, just look at it

10 Responses to “Look at my manly hand, just look at it”

  1. Mrs. Hall Says:


    Ok, look. As mentioned before, I have had a few artists in my life and I swear to God, when I have thumbed through their sketchbooks, it was never, every like this. Where the fuck were you when I was actually dating artists? Oh yeah, on another continent. But, if you don’t mind, I hope to use this piece as a post about art itself. Is this ok?

    Seriously, do you realize what kind of talent you have? Do you have a clue here?

    Do you realize where you are on the spectrum of talent and artistic development? Pretty fucking far up there I must say.

    Seriously, jaw on the floor over here. Amazed. Your art is amazing. You are the real article, a true artist. Wow.

    So, um, since you want to have something else to do besides stalk your man crush/neighbor, perhaps you could give that piece I sent you a go eh?

    Just kidding about the man crush.

    no not really (hee hee)


    Mrs. Holly Hall

  2. Catofstripes Says:

    Oh yeah you’re good! (sulk)

    what I want to know is how you fill a whole book with quality stuff and don’t lose pages to aimless doodles? Is there a trick you can share?

  3. Fat Hobbit Girl Says:

    Yeah, what catofstripes said. My sketchbooks are about 10% decent and 90% pure shite. How d’you do it?

  4. notkeith Says:

    Mrs H: Hi there. Use the piece to your heart’s content. And I’ll take another look at the article you sent me.

    Catofstripes and Fat Hobbit: Err… Well, Danny Gregory is a big inspiration when it comes to sketchbook-keeping, and he has a rule whereby you must finish whatever you start. I’ve got piles of old stuff that’s half-finished or just plain shite. I just make a conscious decision to finish stuff these days, even if I start hating it part way through.

  5. Valerie in San Diego Says:

    There are so many things I like here that I don’t know where to start. I hope you scan these all in for an online album soon…

  6. Stan Says:

    What they said.

    (I’ve been telling him that for years by the way. Fucking wastrel.)


  7. Old Sketch Book « NotKeith Says:

    […] was on my mind about fifteen, sixteen years ago. It also answers something which Catofstripes asked the last time I posted a sketchbook, namely: how come I don’t fill page after page with aimless doodles? I used to do nothing […]

  8. Uninspired Sketchbook Shame Spatter « NotKeith Says:

    […] material last night, I came across another old sketchbook which I was thinking of filming like I did a while back. I quite liked it. It was rather alarming to return to my current sketchbook and find how shit […]

  9. Jake Barnes Says:

    I really enjoyed that; your sketches are great.

    Can’t explain it, but Nyman and Saddam is a curiously poignant combination.

  10. nursemyra Says:

    Love the samurai. and the music was beautiful too.

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