The times, they are a changing. A bit. Not loads

11 Responses to “The times, they are a changing. A bit. Not loads”

  1. Wellington Says:

    That bottom picture is stunning. How do you do that? Really, I’d like to know, how is it possible to create such a thing? Or maybe you didn’t create it – did you steal it? It’s just so good, that it hurts my brain to look at it.

    Funnily enough, I was wondering just the other day whether you were still fitting carpets. Glad to hear you’ve escaped.

    I had assumed that you went to Scotland with a new lady friend, as you didn’t mention the most obvious fact about Scotland. But now, judging by your final paragraph, it seems that there is no new lady friend at all.

    The most obvious fact about Scotland is that the women are all beautiful. Yep – all of them. On a recent trip there, I was really struck by how wonderfully natural they all look. I couldn’t help but stare at them. I think I might have been behaving rather oddly.

    In my neighbourhood, the women are all low rent wannabe footballers wives types, with sunbed orange faces and straightened dyed blonde hair. It’s all very distressing.

    Incidentally, if you now think it’s crowded in Burnley, after your recent trip, then you’re in for a bout of depression if you ever decide to move back to London. I emigrated a few years ago but still visit there every now and then. It always makes me feel claustrophobic and just a little bit ill.

    Now come on, really, how do you do that drawing stuff?

  2. isabelle Says:

    I agree with Wellington and also I really wish I could walk in boots that tall but my mum says me in heels is a bit like Max Wall in drag.

    I wondered about the Lady friend too and Wellington’s comments are always so well written and cleverly observed that I wish he had a blog somewhere.

  3. notkeith Says:

    Wellington: Well firstly, I used a picture for reference. I think I got it from a saucy secretaries-type website. I used that mainly for the pose. The chair is actually my old computer desk chair thing (may it rest in peace). Her face is pure invention, as is her hair and elongated neck, and the highlights on the blouse. The skirt and boots were copied from the original pic. You can kind of tell what’s copied and what’s invention, I think. Oh, and the glasses I got from another pic.

    I did a rough sketch in pencil first. The paper is thick, grainy watercolour paper. The inking was all dip pen and brush. Obviously, the fine lining is done with the dip pen and the larger black areas with brush. Once the first wash of ink is dry – it tends to look a bit grey and drab – I went over it with another wash to make it darker, leaving some areas to lessen the contrast.

    I agree with you about Scottish women. They all seem strikingly, naturally beautiful. And all brunettes for some reason.

    Isabelle: I wish all women could walk in boots like that. By which I mean I think they should be legally coerced to walk in boots like that at all times. Max Wall be damned! I wish Wellington had a blog too. His comments are always a treat, but it would be nice to be able to challenge him occasionally on his home turf.

    I am SO dodging the lady friend question.

  4. Wellington Says:

    Nicely dodged on the lady friend question there, NK.

    It’s not just the drawing which is spectacular, it’s also the colouring-in (though you probably don’t call it colouring-in?). The way the outfit and chair catch the light has got me completely bamboozled. I can’t imagine how painstaking that process must have been.

    Isabelle – you’re too kind. But don’t pay any attention to your mum. She says that about everyone. Really, she’s just projecting her own insecurities. You look great in heels, honestly.
    And so does your mum, if only she knew.

  5. Catofstripes Says:

    Cracking drawings in this post!

  6. EmmaK Says:

    ooh looking at that saucy secretary has just given me the horn and the desire to pull on my kinky boots. I sympathize. Work sucks. Work sucks hairy balls.

  7. schmutzie Says:

    This weblog is being featured on Five Star Friday –

  8. notkeith Says:

    Wellington: Well thank you, though I fear you might be gilding the lily a tiny bit. I do call it colouring-in too. I think it’s why I suck at painting.

    Catofstripes: Thanks. I should do some more. I’ve been a lazy bastard of late.

    EmmaK: Pics pls. Kthanx. Agree with you about work, but it sucks precisely one hairy bollock less than it did when I was working with people who were, in effect, petty criminals.

    schmutzie: Hello! And thanks for the plug.

  9. emmak Says:

    Hey I nominated you for five star friday! I have the pictures but not sure if I can trust you yet!

  10. notkeith Says:

    Trust me? Are you kidding? I’m some stranger on the internet. Of course you can trust me.

    And thanks for the nomination!

  11. Stan Says:

    Woof woof! If only you knew how very desperately I need to have sexual congress, you wouldn’t draw pictures like that.

    Good old Wellington!

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