Stuff Coming

Dead Beggar.

Took bloody ages.

11 Responses to “Stuff Coming”

  1. catofstripes Says:


  2. Valerie in San Diego Says:

    Wow… love the texture of the clothing, the splay of the hand, the boots… no wonder it took so long!

  3. holly hall Says:


    bought effing time too.

    just kidding bout that last part.

    yeah. and to get more, you need to comment on my site.

    but dayum!

    your craftsmanships is outfuckingstanding!

  4. Duck Says:

    it’s fantastic. Top work, that man.

  5. notkeith Says:

    catofstripes: Thank you.

    Valerie: Glad you like it.

    Mrs H: HIGH MAINTENANCE. But thanks, and I do drop by regularly, you know.

    Duck: Thanks.

  6. Stan Says:

    I think it’s fantastic – apart from the box. What’s happening with the box? Is it a box? I’d get rid of it if I were you. Come on, you know I’m right. I’ve got the eye.

    He doesn’t look dead to me either. He looks very much alive. I think you do wrong to write him off. Now drop and give me a fistful of Jacksons.

  7. Selena Says:

    Crosshatching!!!!! (Sorry about the yelling. It’s not really at you. It’s just that I’m excited)

    This is fantastic. Amazing. The eyes, the clothes, the PUSTULES! What’s that on his shoes? Oh my, even his fingernails look mucky.

    Well done Not Keith!

    Nobody ever has any spare change…

  8. Emma Says:

    brilliant! I would like to see a colored version with his nose all red with blue veins.

  9. Wellington Says:

    Nothing to do with me, of course, but if I had that kind of talent, I wouldn’t be smoking dope alone and festering in my own filth.

    I’d spend sunny days outdoors, sketching in busy public spaces, like the worst kind of poseur.

    And when young women ambled along and cooed over my shoulder (as they surely would), I’d say, “Oh yes, I may be a chunky ginge, but look what I can do.”

  10. notkeith Says:

    Betty Boo: The box was intended to look like the petals of a flower, but it didn’t quite come off. Jackson two inbound. Ish. I’ve only just started it.

    Selena: I’m a bit obsessed with cross-hatching. Or just plain old hatching. I blame Robert Crumb. And Mike Wilks.

    Emma: Funnily enough, I’ve just got the graphics tablet out. Might have a go at colourising it for shits ‘n’ giggles.

    Wellington: I disgust myself sometimes, I really do. Actually, I disgust myself a lot of the time these days. I do often think about getting out and drawing stuff, but I normally find myself an excuse not to. On the occasions that I have, it’s always children who stop and look, rarely adults.

  11. Selena Says:

    Oh, Wellington, you are a JOY! 🙂 If I had Not Keith’s talent, I would do exactly what you suggest; it’s more impressive than a guitar or puppy.

    NK: Harvey Kurtzman

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