I Can’t Paint Number 60798

9 Responses to “I Can’t Paint Number 60798”

  1. EmmaK Says:

    Congratulations to Woody on becoming potty trained!

  2. catofstripes Says:

    But you can draw, and I can’t see much wrong with that picture. You just have to learn to accept your idiosyncratic style and glory in it! The hard part is building a market for what you produce but you’ve made a start here. Big yourself up a bit more. Although if you want to weep, look at some of the stuff here:

    http://www.lucypepper.com/pt/blog the vimeo bits…

    It’s always rewarding when the animals become potty trained. I hope you’re carrying poop scoop bags with you whenever you go out.

  3. Stan Says:

    That’s exactly what I was going to say :: glory, man! Glory! I think you’re well saleable, you know that. You’re just not a whore. That’s a good thing. Your time will come. I stake my reputation on it.Think not of yourself as a carpet-fitter with a hobby, but rather as an artist with a little bit more time to kill. And thanks for the link! x

  4. Stan Says:

    And I love the picture, by the way. Isn’t it a still from one of the Agnes Prune books? It’s the one where she ventures North, tames the savage hordes of Grimsdale, but ultimately fails in her attempt to locate a decent bit of culture. IIRC.

  5. lucy Says:

    whaddya mean you can’t paint????

  6. notkeith Says:

    EmmaK: Why, thank you.

    catofstripes: Poop bags and treats seem to be in the pockets of every item of clothing I own. He’ll only go in the backyard, though. And thanks for the Lucy Pepper link.

    Oh Betty You’re So Fine, You’re so Fine You Blow My Mind: My pleasure on the link front, squire. It was about bloody time. It took me ages to figure out how to do it. You should be dead proud of me. And she’s meant to look a bit like January Jones in Mad Men when she’s in equestrian mode. And let me tell you; that’s a good mode.

    Lucy: Long story. Hello!

  7. Mrs. Hall Says:

    I don’t get the title of this post.

    ah, doesn’t matter i suppose.

    so how does this work, this picture. Idea first? Start drawing and then it gets bigger and bigger? How does your muse move you? I mean with me, the muse chatters all the time, but she is mouthy.

    How does your muse speak to you? Flashes of images?

    how does it work?

    i think this might be the last comment for a while. but, I will keep lurking and looking 🙂

    take care

    Holly Hall

  8. notkeith Says:

    Hey Mrs H! The title: most of my painting posts (I think) have contained a post-mortem on what went wrong and it’s just an extension of that.

    As for how it starts: as a very rough sketch in my sketchbook. The only thing I added after the sketch was scenery. Where the idea came from is more complicated. The craggy-faced, muscle-bound bouncer type with an over-sized head is something I’ve drawn a few times. He just keeps showing up. Along with a woman in charge.

    And why do I always feel your comments contain a gentle rebuke?

  9. Mrs. Hall Says:

    OH! I see, the number is like a case file! Clever!

    I wonder if the man you keep drawing, the muscle bound bouncer, has some meaning for you? I mean, when I think about my writing, I note themes and images that reoccur. I try to see what I am saying. To better understand myself through the conversation of my writing.

    That sounded artsy fartsy didn’t it?

    Well…. anywho . . .I had to look up the word rebuke (didn’t know what it meant) and the definition includes ‘to check or reprimand.’ I hope you don’t feel my comments have a gentle reprimand.

    Well maybe they do. I did go off on your earlier blog. It was all for the good though. I believe your talent is geniune. No need to waste it on juvenile evocative imagery. That is child’s play. Your talent deserves better subject matter. So does your audience.

    And if you are self deprecating, I get a little pissy. This is all growth here, in the blogosphere. Artistic growth. Be proud of the bad bits and don’t sell your self short. After all, you are putting it out there. Have the balls to say to any critic, especially your inner critic, Show me what you’ve got! Show me yours!

    That being said, I feel my conversation drying up a bit in terms of your art. Your images are still sublime. I am just having less to say. Coversations are two sided I guess. One side fueling the other. Either way, take care, and I will be looking 🙂

    did you catch that last rebuke? hee hee hee take care! 🙂

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