Pic-a-day: Day Five

Today’s offering is inspired by this post over at Mommy Has A Headache. EmmaK left a rather nice comment on my last post so I went and had a nosy at her place; I heartily recommend you do likewise (mind you, I daresay you already have since she’s clearly enormously talented and popular and quite, quite rude).

14 Responses to “Pic-a-day: Day Five”

  1. Valerie in San Diego Says:

    You can just post puppy pictures for the next month and that will get you out of any other effort where blogging is concerned. Labradors are the awesomest. I like your retired chimp though.

  2. Mrs. Hall Says:

    How about snowball? It will give people cause to paws. (hee see that-pun!)


    How about Keith?

    yeah, Keith, to tie this all together


  3. MisssyM Says:

    Is she/he a boy or a girl?

    Boys’ names I like: Harvey, Max, Oscar and Perry.

    Girls names I like: Ruby, Misssy (worth a try), Lily, Bunty and Romy.

    I love dogs and am Mum to a one year old Cocker. I want to say this one thing which will get you and your Dad through the next year:

    Train her now and do it regularly, it will get easier, she will learn- dogs are smart and they won’t always drive you nuts and eat your shoes/house. There will be times where you’ll think “What have I done bringing this beast into my house??” but it will all be worth it.

    Getting a dog is the best thing I have ever done next to having kids.

  4. CET Says:

    i don’t have kids but i agree with MisssyM – getting a dog was the best thing my family did. his name is chili and he’s a westie, not to mention freakin’ awesome. πŸ™‚

  5. catofstripes Says:

    Congratulations on hitting your target.

    Dog looks good, as dogs go. Not for me though.

    Wish I could write a blog entry suffiently rude and witty for an illustration but all I have to talk about is bloody computer failures this week.

  6. EmmaK Says:

    Thanks so much for the illustration! I am a big fan of your work.

    As for the chocolate labrador I would call him Ferrero Rocher.

  7. EmmaK Says:

    I have put your illustration up on my site. Let me know if this is okay. xx

  8. notkeith Says:

    Thanks all (EmmaK: I’d be honoured if you posted it; MisssyM: He’s a boy).

    I’m having the night off tonight, but this has been enormously enjoyable experience. One which I might start making a habit of. From a purely cynical standpoint, it’s been good for hits; but also, I’ve discovered some excellent blogs and the self-imposed discipline to make a drawing every day, however average, has been great for the sketchbook.

    My eternal thanks to MisssyM for an excellent idea and pulling me out of the doldrums. I’m now off to play with my still-unnamed dog.

  9. Stan Says:


    I have no brain at the moment, due to the pain of other people’s opinions. Why don’t you ask the internet properly? Take a decent photo or the little fella’s face and stick it up there. I’ll put it on mine as well and see if anyone’s got any ideas.

    Or you could just call him Hershey and have done with it.

  10. Selena Says:

    Chocolate lab puppies are the cutest. With their paws that are too big for them and their floppy ears….let me stop myself before I start swooning in baby gibberish.

    I think you should name him Archimedes- Archie for short πŸ˜‰

    Congrats- I’m so jealous!!

  11. Wellington Says:

    Hope this helps your dad get some exercise and becomer healthier. I’m sure it will. But as a workshy layabout, how the heck did you afford it? (Labs ain’t cheap).

    Call him Malcolm.

    (No name shortening allowed – Malc, Mac etc.)

  12. Wellington Says:

    … becomer ? Eh?

  13. Caroline Says:

    Aww, so cute!I’m sure you’ll come up with a name that suits him once you’ve bonded.If he was mine – and how I wish he was, but I have cats – my shortlist would be Keith, Stan, Mars and Snickers.

  14. notkeith Says:

    Thanks everyone. Sylvia’s decided he’s Woody. I’m not entirely sure he’s a Woody, but it’s growing on me. Clearing up his shit, not so much. He’s great, though. I’ve been teaching him to fetch stuff today.

    Wellington: I can’t afford him is the short answer. However, my rich Uncle Visa can. He’s really quite adamant that I must get a job, though.

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