Pic-a-day: Day Four

Stan had nothing to do with this one.

The rather charming Duck contacted me, suggesting I use this post of hers as inspiration. So I have. It’s a great post; but also, Duck lives in East Lancashire, which is where I am. We might be neighbours! So anyway, that kind of tipped the scales.

It’s called: Sexual Adventurers’ Alfresco Tryst Turns Sour.

7 Responses to “Pic-a-day: Day Four”

  1. EmmaK Says:

    I love your stuff! kin hell you are right. you can have too many anal beads!

  2. Stan Says:

    Too many anal beads? What is this heresy?

  3. Misssy M Says:

    I knew which post of Duck’s that was before even having to click the link! Excellent.

  4. catofstripes Says:

    Thanks for the intro to the interesting. Ms. Duck. Great pic.

  5. notkeith Says:

    EmmaK: Thank you. I’m rather taken with your chimp post and have used it to inspire my next pic.

    Stan: What is it with you and the bum beads?

    MisssyM: Thanks. I must say, your idea has turned out to be an absolute corker. I’ve discovered a lot of great bloggers and had something to draw every day.

    CatofStripes: Don’t mention it. And thanks.

  6. CET Says:

    i feel kinda bad for the guy; he looks so dejected, poor chap. 😦

  7. Duck Says:

    It’s brilliant and I’m sure I’ve seen those boxers on a washing line nearby 🙂

    Thank you.

    Pic a day is indeed an inspired idea.

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