9 Responses to “Politics”

  1. mrs. hall Says:

    Yay for being lazy.

    I miss lazy. And composing complex comments.

    I love effing xmas too 🙂

    And yay for dating a midwife! To become a midwife over here, one must be a nurse and then go for extra training and then they can become a nurse midwife. I wonder if it is different over where you are. But, if she a midwife, well, this speaks volumes about her. Wonderful volumes.

    And it is exciting about Stan. Good for him!

    So there, there’s a comment.

    and now it is your turn!

  2. MisssyM Says:

    I did wonder if you’d be doing the artwork. Personally I think the publishers are missing a trick- you already ARE the art work for the blog. Jeez!

    Keith, I really hope you are sending your drawings somewhere (checkout my knowledge of how such things work..) because they are as good as anything I’ve seen by newspaper cartoonists and the like.

    Of course once Stan becomes really big news he can start demanding who does such things for him- I’m thinking Steadman and Hunter S…

  3. Catofstripes Says:

    I think Gordon Brown has a touch of the David Tennant about him. What’s that about then?

    Lisa sounds good. Have fun!

  4. notkeith Says:

    Mrs H: Howdy! Thanks for the good wishes. “- and now it’s your turn” – is that a sort quid pro quo thing with comments?

    MisssyM: They are SO missing a trick. At least I can spell his pseudonym. Jeez! And you said Steadman; here, have my undying love. HAVE IT!

    Catofstripes: At first I thought you might be slightly mental with the David Tennant comment, but then I had another look and you’re bang on. I think it’s his nose. And maybe the quiffy hair.

  5. Mrs. Hall Says:

    Yes, that is what I meant. It is your turn to comment. 🙂

  6. Stan Says:

    I really, really love that Thatcher. And I never thought I’d say that.

  7. Selena Says:

    Yay for being non-lazy. These drawings are great! I really like the Tartful Mrs. Thatcher. That one in particular has such a Lautrec feel (i’ve said it before and I’ll most likely say it again). The last one reminds me of Where the wild Things Are for some reason.

    Speaking of lazy- I see I have much to catch up on- damn holidays (not damn- Hooray for holidays and Christmas in particular!) Making me neglect my dedication to procrastination via internet blogs.

    Have a Jolly Holiday!
    🙂 Sel

    Oh and Congrats on the date and your father.

    Here’s wishing for peace on earth, goodwill towards man and all that jazz for the holidays 😉

  8. notkeith Says:

    Mrs H: Oh man! You are *so* high maintenance.

    Stan: You want her, you do, she’s your girlfriend. You do know that with this book deal business, you’re going to irretrievably jump the shark, don’t you? I’m not jealous, I’m giving HELPFUL ADVICE.

    Selena: Where the hell have you been? Oh, you’ve been on holiday. Obviously to Mars, where they don’t have internet. Honestly. Have a wonderful Christmas yourself. I’ve a festive card in the works so you must drop by for that.

  9. Cock Bother « NotKeith Says:

    […] embarrassing too. Especially when you’re in a casual, sex-orientated relationship (remember Lisa?). When in repose, the scabs and sores weren’t too noticeable, but as soon as I became […]

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