Here come the girls…

8 Responses to “Here come the girls…”

  1. Catofstripes Says:

    I love the pictures, but which one’s Tilly?

  2. Ani Smith Says:

    Cheer up, Mr NotKeith. You certainly have skill when it comes to the ladies. Ha. Get it?

    [What? Somebody had to say it.]

  3. Mrs. Hall Says:

    Damn NotKeith!

    You knocked these out of the park!

    I love who they are all different proportions and different looks. What is with the big noses though?


    I also enjoy the big bosum woman being the only one facing the viewer.

    Very nice stuff.

    See, this is what I am talking about. THIS is not some guy doodling. You really have something here. And it is not just the technique that is excellent, it is the emotional content, the posing of the figures. Very original. Very awesome.

    I do enjoy the rocker school girl the best. (figures).

    Best of luck with the family and Ms. Tilly.


    Holly Hall

  4. CET Says:

    i’m sorry to hear about your dad, though if it’s any consolation my grandma had quadruple bypass at 80 and she’s doing pretty well four years later (the heart’s good but her diabetes is uncontrolled).

    is there any way to push up the date of the operation? three months seems like quite a long time.

    i would offer you my virtual bosom but they aren’t on the ample side! however, anything more than a handful’s a waste. :o)

    all the best to you and your family.


  5. Mrs. Hall Says:


    After putting the ‘school girl rocker chic’ on my background I noticed something. I thought she was kneeling in front of a locker. But, there appears to be a foot not belonging to her in that drawing.

    I think this might be a different picture than what I thought it was.

    sneaky sneaky there NotKeith!

    good show



  6. Selena Says:

    The 2nd one reminds me of Le Ghoule or The Clowness Cha-U-Kao Fastening Her Bodice 1895 -very Toulouse Lautrec if were to to have drawn comics… and the large noses are ringing familiar in my ear too- but I can’t put a name to their sound.

    You should really try oil and canvas- I think you’d find magic there.
    I had a lot of fun, when I unshackled myself of expectations, and gave it a try.

    Sorry about your dad- but can’t this be expected? I’m sure that people don’t recover from a heart attack right away. Just keep doing your best- which I am sure you are already doing anyway.

    Ohh the long noses remind me of Beetle Juice… Sorry that just popped into my brain, but they do- so I guess I’m saying they have a Tim Burton feel as well.

    Dumbo, always makes me cry…it really is a very cruel movie at times- so I really hope that it is not Dumbo in the room.

    I think you should talk to Tilly about whatever it is that’s bothering you. Sex is not a cure all and will not fix it; the truth will out, and most likely in a most unpleasant way.

    Yet, if you’re too stressed to add more to your plate just yet- no one will blame you for settling for sexual healing- It worked for Marvin Gaye

    Maybe it’s time to just get high, pour yourself a glass of some sort of alcohol and just watch stupid movies. Mindless time wasting is sometimes the best way to go. Sometimes we all just need a break.

    Cheers 😉

  7. notkeith Says:

    Catofstripes: None really; they’re all just sort of made-up. Thank you for loving them.

    Ani: Hello and thank you. Also *groan*.

    Mrs Hall: Thanks. Glad you noticed the shoe.

    CET: Three months feels like a lifetime at the moment. And I’m quite the magnanimous one when it comes to bosom offers. I would never discriminate on size.

    Selena: Thanks for all the advice. I’m now going to look up the paintings you mention; it feels a bit like homework. On the painting front, I’ve got some acrylics and a couple of canvasses. They keep mocking me every time I look at them.

  8. Alex Alex Says:

    I like them! Toilet sex girl looks like something I would draw, but actually my very favourite is the one with all the cleavage and the boots.

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