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10 Responses to “Home Alone”

  1. CET Says:

    hey NK, i’m home alone on a saturday night too, though my never-ending literature review, due this thursday, is the excuse. it’s restricted me from having a social life for the last three weeks! imagine, three consecutive saturdays at home alone! beat that. :o)

  2. Mrs. Hall Says:

    I wonder about the time differences between when you post things and when I notice them.

    I always seem to catch a new post when my kids are napping.


    Anywho–Like the new drawing. I like the tiny people and their tiny eyes. I like that they are all grouped together. Makes them all look like they are pensive.

    Like the tank on the (almost) top of the building. This drawing seems to have a sci-fi energy to it (versus the ganster energy from the last batch of drawings). I like the sniper and the guy with the big nose. I also enjoy your use of architecture. It is cluttered and neat all at the same time. Creates a lot of visual interest and gets me thinking. You really have talent. Seriously. I mean that. It is what is keeping me around 🙂

    I wonder what they are thinking, the tiny people in the drawing. Who they are and what the heck is really going on in this drawing? What’s the real story?

    Well, that’s why I am a writer not a artist. I always favor art with people in it. Let’s my brain get all buzzy and curious.

    As for the rest of the post … have fun drinking alone and watching bad TV.

    But, remember this proverb:

    If you are bored, you are boring.

    But it doesn’t have to be that way with you, Mr. NotKeith.


    Mrs. Hall

  3. Mrs. Hall Says:


    I can beat that. I have two tiny ones and well, we never go anywhere expect the park, zoo et cetera.

    In fact, I was driving home the other day and got lost because it was dark outside.

    I hadn’t driven after dark in so long, it actually was disorienting!

    Such is life 🙂

    Mrs. Hall

  4. CatofStripes Says:

    Cheer up chap, I haven’t see anyone at all since wednesday…. and don’t expect to until next shopping day when I will exchange three words with the checkout girl.. Can’t even drink alone, it’s making me sick. So I’ve been reading trashy novels and pretending I have friends by reading the interweb. Passes the time until bedtime.

  5. Misssy M Says:

    Head out..head out to the streets. See what happens. Something will. Then blog it, so that those too frightened to take their own suggestion up c live vicariously through it!

    Where’s Stan? Sweet Jesus, tell me he’s not acted on my suggestion to head off to see Morag. I only mean these things in jest…oh god, what have I done?

  6. Selena Says:

    I love it…but to yours theirs a kind of dark 2001-Lego people-whimsy to it. Which is good, because it makes it yours.

    It’s ok to stay at home sometimes…or you can make things happen and call up other friends. I went out last night, so let’s just say I had a pint of IPA in your honor.

    I find it hard to believe that you only have Stan and “Tilly” that you can call upon to go out and grab a few at a pub, or see a movie or other forms of entertainment.

    Can’t wait to see more work as always.

    P.S. Drinking by yourself isn’t bad- as log as you don’t do it all the time.

  7. Selena Says:

    there’s – there is- not theirs!..goodness, why do I always do that?

  8. notkeith Says:

    CET: I must guiltily confess that my evening turned out to be more social than expected.

    Mrs H: Thanks. And I might be about to get off my fat arse and sort that collaboration thing out. Done a couple of preliminary sketches and everything.

    CatofStripes: Hello and welcome (I think this is the first time you’ve commented isn’t it? Apologies if it’s not). Everyone’s outdoing me in the sad, lonely bastard stakes. IT IS NOT A COMPETITION.

    Misssy M: Couldn’t possibly comment. But you are scary prescient woman and I am afraid of you.

    Selena: Glad you like the pic. Regarding mates; yeah, it’s a fair cop. I do have more than one friend and a girlfriend. Saturday was just one of those nights when everyone seemed to be doing something else and, if I’m being honest, I was kind of revelling in the whole melancholy thing.

  9. CET Says:

    well i’m glad the rest of your saturday night turned out well. at least one of us got up to something!

    i finished my lit review! YES!!! drunken debauchery, here i come. :o)

  10. Mrs. Hall Says:

    Maybe I could write a story to one of your drawings?

    Bring it to life in another way.


    Mrs. Hall

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